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Serving Boat Rentals on Lake Wallenpaupack for over 25 Years | Re-Established May 2021
New and Improved!

Pocono Action Sports has been one of the major water sports rentals on Lake Wallenpaupack for over 25 years! The beautiful location, in PA's largest manmade lake, amongst the famous Pocono Mountains; Lighthouse Harbor Marina takes great pride in continuing to host a major port for boat enthusiasts from all over!

In 2021 both, the Lighthouse Harbor Marina and Pocono Action Sports, underwent a new ownership. After experiencing it's first season of carrying on the established name; it's amazing team has spent the winter months preparing for the 2024 Boating Season with upgrades and improvements in every way! New Boats, New Crew, a New Online Rental System, Polished Operations and so much more!


The 2024 Boating Season is casting off with a BANG! Pocono Action Sports has upgraded it's way of doing boat rentals like never before! Family Friendly Boat Rentals, easy check-in and check-out process, and a fully upgraded Pro-Shop for everyone to enjoy! Create adventures and memories you will never forget and a new tradition you will look forward to for years to come!
New For The 2024 Boating Season:
  • Tiki Boat Charters
  • Jet Boat Cars
  • Transportation Packages
Stay tuned for MORE exciting updates!
Happy Boating!

"One day, when you least expect it, the great adventure finds YOU!"

-Ewan McGregor

969 PA 507
Greentown, PA 18426

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