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What is Wally Lake Fest?

"How a Boat That!" Blog Post #002

First held in 2010, and coordinated by the Downtown Hawley Partnership until 2020, when the Chamber of the Northern Poconos took it over, the Wally Lake Fest (WLF) has been one of the biggest summer events on Lake Wallenpaupack, exceeding Memorial Day and July 4th combined! The initial intent of the Fest was to create an exciting event to bring tourists to the area during, what was once, the slowest weekend of the summer. Talk about a success!

Wally Lake Fest is a fantastic family-friendly way to celebrate the end-of-summer and the #LakeLife culture of the Pocono Area! This year, the event lands on August 26-28. Plan your weekend based on the local events happening on Land and Lake! Check out or for more information, calendars, full events list, and videos of the fest during the last few years!

There will be a boat show amidst the main festival area by the Wallenpaupack Area High School! Check out the beautiful new boat Inventory from Benninton, Monterey and Hurricane that the Lighthouse Harbor Marina will have set up! Information booths about Freedom Boat Club, Heated Indoor Storage and items from our Pro-Shop will be available to everyone!

Pocono Action Sports Boat Rentals and Wally Lake Fest

We want everyone to enjoy Wally Lake Fest weekend more than anyone, since Lighthouse Harbor Marina is one of the key top sponsors of the event! There are a few rules we have as far as safety, Dos and Don'ts.

  • Wallypalooza - One of the coolest outdoor, on the lake, live music experiences there is, and a key event of the Wally Lake Fest. Like Party Cove, many boats tend to get tied together to form a large raft, so they can solidly experience the event in a cluster. Please do NOT tie your boat to others. Boats will bump against each other quite hard due to the amount of people boating in that area, as well as inexperienced boaters out there. To avoid damages to our rental fleet, we recommend you find a spot to enjoy the event away from the crowds so you can come and go safely with ease. If you are using your own boat, then you can tie yourself to other boats at your own risk, make sure you have enough bumpers and protection around your boat!

  • Lake Traffic - If you have experienced Memorial Day, July 4th or any other holiday on the lake, then you know how busy the lake can get! Please make sure you are:

  1. Driving Safely with Minimal Distractions - including texting and filming

  2. Riding with a Designated Sober Captain!

  3. Wear Sunblock and drink plenty of water!

  4. Have a designated trash bag, to prevent garbage from falling into the lake!

  5. Be aware of your surroundings and having someone dedicated to checking what is going on behind you! PWCs can quickly enter and maneuver tightly around you if you don't keep an eye out.

  6. Make sure you are wearing your life jackets when the boat is in motion or if you go swimming!

  7. Know how to drop and weigh anchor if need be!

  8. Have the Pocono Action Sport phone number handy if you have any issues or questions while you are out on the water: 570-857-0779

Plan ahead and enjoy all the festivities, events and fun that the Wally Lake Fest has to offer!


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