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Welcome to the Poconos, on Lake Wallenpaupack, PA!

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

"How A Boat That!" Blog Post #001

Visiting the area for the first time, second time....hundredth time? There is no better way to truly immerse yourself in the #LakeLife Lifestyle, than on a boat!

Pocono Action Sports is a family owned Boat Rental company for almost 2 decades, under new managements since 2021, located at the Lighthouse Harbor Marina in Greentown, Pennsylvania! Our team consists of MRAA Certified staff, technicians and management. Our dock staff are hard working high school and college students who are well trained to help you throughout the boat rental process, including proper lake and boating safety! We are from the local area, so feel free to ask us any questions when you visit!

Lighthouse Harbor Marina, Greentown PA

What's so special about Lake Wallenpaupack? Why should I visit the Poconos?

Pronounced "Wah-len-paw-pack", this beautiful manmade lake is the 3rd largest lake in Pennsylvania. 13 miles long overall, with 52 miles of shoreline, totally at 5,700 acres of open water. Within a day's drive, in any direction, of many major metropolitan areas, it's a prime summer vacation area for millions of people every year! Starting out as a simple creek, known to the Leni-Lenape Indians as "Wahlinkpapeck", meaning "deep and dark", then formulated into today's "Wallenpaupack" by early European settlers, meaning "the stream of swift and slow water", it got dammed up by the Pennsylvania Power and Light Company in 1926 to supply water to a hydroelectric power plant. To this day, the dam still runs and provides power to the area! Every five years, around mid-October, the water levels are dropped to perform routine maintenance and testing known as "a draw down year". When this happens, our boating season ends in September, rather than October, so there is enough time to store docks and boats before the water levels are too low.

Lake Wallenpaupack is one of the most beautiful, large, freshwater lakes in PA. People can enjoy attractions and recreative activities around and on the lake, from swimming, fishing, kayaking, canoeing, motorboating and more! Find a lake cabin with a dock, bring your RV to a camping site, rent a boat on the lake for a day, hike/walk the numerous trails or enjoy some of our special local dining and breweries that the area has to offer!

The Poconos consists of 2,400 square miles of outdoor recreation space filled with seasonal activities, such as skiing, boating, white water rafting, hiking and other activities! This beautifully mountainous, wooded hills and valley region, on the upland Allegheny Plateau, is one of the most popular areas accessible within a 2-hour drive to major metropolitan areas. If you are in major need to stepping into the great outdoors and mother nature, the Poconos is the destination for you!

Kayaking on Lake Wallenpaupack

Seeing is Believing!

Pictures and browsing online can only paint a fraction of a picture when it comes to the Pocono Mountain area, Lake Wallenpaupack, or the North East Pennsylvania Area (NEPA)! Experience it for yourself! Experience the lake with us! Rent a boat for a whole day. Rent for a half day. Book a Charter for 2 hours! We offer motorized and non-motorized options for those interested in getting on the water!

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